File Formats

JPEG: This File Format is the best known and most used as a digital output for your camera. It is used to store as many images as possible by in the process some detail and quality is lost. TIFF: This File Format is commonly used and is what print or publishers use because of the […]

Camera Modes

Automatic Mode: Uses its best judgment on what shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance, focus to use and whether to use flash or not. But keep in mind that you aren’t giving the camera any extra information on the type of photo being taken so it will be guessing. Portrait Mode: Is used best for […]


20 FACTS: What you want to shoot depends on the type of lens that you use. Generally less expensive lens will be a zoom while a more expensive lens will have a fixed aperture. Wide angles preferably should be used when there are prominent foreground objects. wide angles gives volume to photos that are located […]